“A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine”

Food and wine pairing can often seem daunting and magnified, however it doesn’t need to be as complicated as the Sommeliers’ spiel may make it sound. It should be fun and experiential. After all, what’s better than food & wine together?!

Our Hydrator Joanna has broken down some easy steps to matching your meals with the perfect paired wines.

The key to food & wine pairing is that the food improves the wine

To ensure we do this, we need to highlight the key component of our dish, for example –  You are cooking a chicken dinner, so you’d think that the chicken is the main component but! It’s covered in a rich creamy sauce. Therefore the overriding flavour is the creaminess of the dish. A rich & creamy styled Chardonnay would work wonderfully! 

Here’s some recommendations for matching these key elements of your dish- 

Salty –  Rosé de Touraine would compliment anything from the seaside, as well as the famous Whispering Angel.

Creamy – Rich whites such as our  Foxglove Chardonnay will cut through the creaminess but compliment this textured element.

Foxglove Chardonnay 2017
Foxglove Chardonnay from the scorching climate of California. Offers bold tropical flavours of pineapple and kiwi which stand strong against the wine’s creamy texture.
Available online now at Twisted Cellar. 

Vegetable-y –  A fresh and light Pinot Blanc style suits a salad and an earthy Merlot would meet the root vegetables or anything caramelised.

Spicey – The juxtaposition of a sweet wine is really worth a try, next time you get a takeaway try this deliciously balanced Riesling.

Fishy-   The salinity of a Loire Sauvignon Blanc from the riverside is well suited to Seafood.

Tomatoey- A  Greco would compliment the freshness or for the cooked sauces a Valpolicella would be very good. 

White meaty- Both ‘Burgundies’ are safe bets for Chicken etc(Chardonnay/Pinot Noir)

Roasted vegetable-y- Will need the body of a Chardonnay , full bodied style white or Rhone based grapes such as Syrah & Grenache for the roasted or caramelised savoury.

Red meaty- A peppery highly tannic red wine such as Shiraz based wine will work in harmony with flavour intensity 

Sweet-y-  Moscato d’Asti or a dessert wine such as our Monbazillac meets the sweetness required to compliment desserts

*Top Tip*  “If it grows together, it goes together!!”

It’s as simple as that, think about the regional influence on your food & wine and where the food originated from…

For example- 

Pizza & Vermentino or Barbera (Both produced in Italy)


Mussels & Chablis (Both high in minerality & salinity from oceanic influences )

Chablis 1er Cru Cote de Léchet
Bernard Defaix Chablis 1er Cru offers edged back bone with fresh yellow stoned fruits and a hint of cream on the finish. Rounded and elegant with a perfect balance.

There are two tactics to choose from with food and wine pairing and these are, to either; 

Contrast the wines’ characteristics with the meals’ key component to create balance. For example, a spicy supper matched with an off- dry, sweeter styled Riesling. Sweet vs Spicy.


To harmonize with the key component by matching the main element of the dish, this amplifies the flavours. For example, a charred lamb dish paired with a rich, high tannin red wine such as Shiraz would meet the full bodied structure & flavour intensity. Both Big & Bold.

Let’s stay playful and try explorative matches and continue to discover new wines to improve our meals… Please get in touch for bespoke wine and food pairings.

I would be more than happy to help!


Hydrator @Twisted Cellar, WSET 3 Accredited


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