The Twisted Cellar Story

We’ve drunk a lot of plonk to spare you the pain.

What do you do when you’re frustrated at the lack of choice and bottles of cat pee that were on offer by wine retailers? You take matters into your own hands and take them on at their own game, only much, much better. That’s what Joe & Sharon did, if you can’t drink them join them. It was then when Twisted Cellar was born. Their mission?  To introduce people to less ordinary wine. How to do this? By opening a shop disguised as a French farmhouse in the heart of the Bishop’s Stortford town centre.

Wine, Spirits and Beer Mobile Bar

Rule Britannia

English wine is very big in the Twisted agenda, with special consideration placed to finding the best that the local area can provide. But why stop at just wine? Hertfordshire has craft breweries and distillers aplenty to stock the shelves with and to shorten people’s horizons with whats right under their noses. Local booze for local people. With the continued success of the Stortford store, Joe & Sharon’s longer term plan is to open a new store every year in the Herts and Essex areas.


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