Large Orders and Corporate Events

Weddings, corporate events, birthday shindigs – whatever your plans we love a good get together! We don’t mean to brag, but we have thrown a few parties in our time and we know we are able to offer our clients the perfect package for a memorable night. We can arrange all elements of the drink – from a vintage bottle of the your favourite Champagne to ten cases of Sauvignon Blanc, we can even look to have it to you within a day or two anywhere within the UK, all at our best prices with our Personal Hydrator service.

Let’s do the math…

So, how much wine would a wine drinker drink if a wine drinker could drink wine. We’ve done the equations, so you don’t have to…


A 75cl bottle sparkling wine or Champagne will serve six flute glasses. If you are serving something bubbly to start off the party we would recommend two or three glasses per person. 


A standard 75cl bottle of wine will serve six 125ml glasses.  If you are serving vino at your get together we would recommend around three glasses per person. 


A standard 70cl bottle of spirit serves 28 single 25ml shots. Adding one shot to a mixer will serve one person. 

To speak to one of our Hydrators and come up with a bespoke package just email us via or call us on 01920 449658 Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.

We also offer corporate gifting and discount options. Contact us on the above to discuss. 


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