Hydrator’s Guide: Stop And Smell The Rosé

…There’s more to Rosé than the fabulously famous Côte de Provence

We’re all suckers for a pale, crisp Rosé on a sunny day and tend to veer away from the darker shaded bottles (tainted by our White Zinfandel; over sweet supermarket styles) but believe me when I say that there are some delicious, dry and darker-hued Rosés available.

*Technical bit* The shade of Rosé is due to the winemakers decision on how long they would like to soak the grape skins in contact with the juice (Maceration) to decipher the deepness of the pink colour and style of wine but not necessarily the sweetness.

The skin holds the colour, the skins are crushed and then left to soak for a short period between 6-48 hours, the skins are then removed before fermentation begins. The longer the soaking time, the darker the shade of Rosé.

So why not try some new, adventurous and ambrosial pretty pinks?!

Here at Twisted Cellar we have a great array of Rosés with various styles, sweetness and shades. 

My current favourite dry, crisp and cracking Rosé winesrecommendations are-

  1. Touraine in the Loire Valley produces great Gamay & Cabernet Franc based Rosé wines, this wine is particularly quaffable! Domaine Patrick Vauvy, Rosé de Touraine
  2. A burgeoning new superstar in Italy’s rose collection. This aromatic, salmon tinted treat is a real summer winner!  Tormaresca, Calafuria Negroamaro Rosato 
  3. Slovenian, organically farmed and vegan; it’s floral, fruity & funky! Burja, Vipava Rosé, 2019
  4.     From the Adelaide Hills, Australia the genius Gentle Folk produced this cool labelled, weird and wonderful   Rainbow Juice

Do let me know if you enjoy any of my recommendations, I’ll keep an eye out for your explorative orders! You can also find the perfect Rosé mixed case online now, right here. 


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