Hydrator’s Guide: How to store your wine safely

Hello! I’m Joanna, one of the WSET accredited Hydrators here at Twisted Cellar. If you had to make me choose my favourite wine, i’d probably pick a juicy Italian Red, like a Montepulciano or a Valpolicella. 

I’ve always got a good stock of these at home! Once we’ve treated ourselves to some tasty bottles, we do need to make sure that we tend to them properly. It’s always tough to know how best to keep your new bottles of wine stored.

I thought i’d run through some of my top tips and hints with you. Read on below to find out more, and should you have any questions just reply to this email and we can try our best to help!

Joanna, Twisted Cellar WSET Accredited Hydrator

Storing your wine…

  • – Lay your wine bottles down to help keep the corks moist which prevents oxidation – which can lead to your wine losing its vibrancy in both color and flavour
  • – Keep it cool! Ensure the temperature is cool and constant to avoid spoiling the bottle. 
  • – Keep bottles out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight exposure can cause a host of faults. Keep bottles tucked away or in the box they arrive in.
  • – Avoid storage on top of the washing machine; vibration free zones only!


  • – Red wines are best served at room temperature or below (12-20°)
  • – White & Rosé wines taste best chilled (8-12°)
  • – Sparkling is extra good well-chilled (5-8°) in a flute to retain the bubbles!
  • – To avoid warming your wine, hold your glass by the stem and sip away! Looking for the perfect glassware? Discover the handblown Zalto glasses online now. 
Zalto Bordeaux Glass
Zalto Wine Glasses Available at Twisted Cellar now. 

Once opened…

  • – Put a sock in it! Or a wine stopper, or upgrade to a vacuum pump.
  • – Drink Up! Once open, consume within 2-3 days (or up to 2 weeks if – vacuum pumped, or up to three months with a Coravin)
  • – Keep white and rosé refrigerated between tipples.
  • – Seal bubbles with a sparkling wine stopper & refrigerate. The fizz will only last a few days.
  • – If you would like to preserve your fine wines for longer, perhaps invest in a Coravin system. These handy gadgets use a thin needle and gas to pierce the cork and extract wine from your bottle without breaking the seal – snazzy, right? 
The Coravin Model Eleven Elite, available online now at Twisted Cellar.

Most importantly, enjoy trying new and exciting wines! If you need any advice or tips just reach out to us via email or on social media @twistedcellar. 

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